The Epic Battle of 1066

This post is about fun ways to learn about three epic battles that changed medieval times forever…

This war took place in Great Brittan in the year 1066. One fun game you may have already played in my games page is 1066 the game. This game describes the war very well and allows you to play with tons of fun activities during the time when you fight the war.
Click single player then campaign mode to begin playing, here is the link. 1066 the Game

Anyway the Anglo-Saxons would have won if not for the Vikings who they obliterated. The sad thing is, the Anglo-Saxons had finally defeated there horrible tormentors, the Vikings. They had finally gotten rid of their biggest struggle, their worst nightmare the Vikings. They had their greatest victory against the Vikings. But after the battle they were existed and that’s when the energetic Normans came in and killed the Anglo-Saxon king. They burnt houses and killed many. Afterwards Duke William of Normandy became king of England.

Horrible Histories has a funny fake news report about the war.

What do you think harold should have done?

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