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Top 10 best Francis Bacon quotes:

1.  “Everyone has his own personal cave or den that breaks up and corrupts the light of nature.”

2.  “Experience managed in the right order first lights the candle and then uses it to show the way”

3.  “Religion displays God’s will, while natural philosophy displays his power”

4.  “ It is as easy to write or think a thousand things as to write or think one”

5.  “Mere power and mere knowledge expand human nature, but they don’t necessarily do it any good”

6.  “It’s amazing how much the intellect is hindered by wrong or poor choices of words.”

7.  “Words have a power of their own that reacts back onto the intellect.”

8.  “Once the human mind despairs of finding truth it becomes less interested in everything”

9.  “The inquiry of truth has no chance of succeeding when it veers off after trials.

10.                   “Genuine agreement is based on people having dully examined some matter and reached, freely and independently, the same opinion about it.

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