The Killer Whale

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The Killer Whale is known both as a killer whale and a gentle giant. In this post I will go over why they are called what they are… The fun way!

Killer whales are ferocious, even though we know the great white shark to be the toughest fish it gets obliterated in this video!

The same sort of thing happened in this video... It also talks about how a killer whale kills things.

Considering how fierce these beasts seem to be, it is hard to believe that that they can be very friendly beast who are not hostile. Killer Whales actually can be trained to do many tricks. They are very playful animals. Even though one killer whale sadly ate its trainer, killer whales are generally safe to swim and play with.

Strangely but truly, killer whales are actually dolphins! They have the most widely spread territory in the entire ocean! Unfortunately I could not find any educational killer whale games.

Did you know that there are actually four types of killer whales…? The first type looks like the average killer whale; it has white spots around its eyes and eats whales. The second type is smaller than the first type with very big white spots around its eyes. The third type is the smallest type, but travels in larger pods (groups of killer whales). This type has a slanted eye patch. The fourth and final type differs from the others because its white spot around its eye is considerably smaller. This type has a smaller dorsal fin than the others. It also has a very round head.

Do you think these beasts are gentle giants, or murderous monsters?

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