The Presidential Nominees

Since the election is coming up I thought I should write about the candidates.


The current president, Obama's old slogan was hope and change, but, considering that he got very little done and accomplished one thing he said he would {if that}, he decides to talk about what his opponent wants to do. Obama is a somewhat talented speaker. However, that being said, it's a shame that only 5% of what he says is true. Obama has the overall advantage of the news media. That’s why when you turn on the TV, you’re probably going to see them pointing out Romney's falsehoods and Obama's truths after speeches, debates, and other political events. The stupid thing is everybody should know what his plan is because he's been president four years! I liked Obama in the 2008 elections and I agreed with him that Bush stunk. I also thought it wasn't good that he added four trillion dollars in debt in eight years. However, Obama created more than that in four years. To prove that he's lying about the debt going down and fixing the debt, look at it now at http://usdebtclock.org/! Now when it comes to foreign policy, in the last debate, Obama claimed to have been strong allies with Israel. Even though he ignores their requests for help and decides to go on TV instead of meeting with their Prime Minister. One thing that's kind of scary is this {sorry it's bad quality}:

Not to mention that under his presidency, unemployment rates have skyrocketed. So if I were you, I would vote for the other guy.

As you may have noticed if you have read my blog before, writing negative things about people I don’t like is much easier for me than writing positive things about people I do. So my comments on Romney will be shorter than my information on Obama.


Mitt Romney was in charge of a small business and was very successful. Later he was put in charge of the 2002 Olympics and did a great job. Later that year he was elected governor of Massachusetts. You may have heard him bragging “our schools were number one in the nation.” This is Romney’s second time running for president. Last election he was beaten by John McCain (not the sharpest tool in the shed) with his obnoxious vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. It’s no wonder Obama was elected last election.

Romney has experience in the economy, as a governor, and as a leader. I think he has what it takes to lead the U.S.A. Oh... and you should probably visit his website since I did not really include that much about him.

Even if you don’t like Romney, better him then Obama and Russia’s “flexibility”.

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