The Twilight Zone

The twilight zone is in my opinion the absolute best old TV show. Unlike most TV shows the twilight zone takes place in a completely different setting every episode. From talking dolls, to aliens, the twilight zone has just about every subject imaginable.

Many people like the scary episodes. One fun thing I like about the twilight zone is that you never know how it is going to end!

They always have twilight zone marathons on certain holidays, and there are so many episodes that marathons last a long time!

Although all of the episodes are different they do have some things in common. One thing is that the director, Rod Serling, starts and ends all of them and they all have the same music.

Some of my favorite episodes are: the living doll, a world of his own, a nice place to visit, and a most unusual camera.

To fully understand the twilight zone you have to watch the show. It is very hard to describe. If you have seen it what do you like most about it? And what are your favorite episodes. If not does it sound like a good show? Please comment.

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