The Video Game Industry

Some of the best growing businesses in the U.S.A right now are video game industries. Some of these industries are: Activision, Nintendo, Playstation, Microsoft, Sega, and many more. There are many different professions in the gaming industry some of these are: programmers, engineers, artists, composers, designers, game testers (for insurance), sound designer, and many more!

Designers get paid very well depending on how experienced they are. With two years or less of experience you should make about forty-six thousand a year. If you have six or more years of experience you will probably get paid fifty-five to seventy thousand a year. However if you are the lead designer in charge you can make anywhere from forty-five thousand to one-hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year.

Artists and animators can get paid anywhere from forty-two thousand to sixty-seven thousand a year. Lead animators can get paid anywhere from sixty-four to two-hundred and fifteen-thousand a year depending on how good they are.

It sounds like a good profession to me. Does it to you? Please comment!

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