This year in school

This year in school I regret to admit,

Has actually been an enormous hit,

We read some good books which I really enjoyed,

We also used educational toys,

Using a telescope we looked at the stars,

Before that we studied rocks from afar,

My favorite subject was history,

While in it we learned these things,

Sargon the great and his evil rule,

Hammurabi not wise but cruel,

Assurbanipal and his great library,

Nebuchadnezzar’s fertility,

Crazy Hatshepsut and her powerful dad,

The Persians that conquered all in their path,

Athens destroyed them in one big fight,

Then it grew to its maximum might,

After their destruction Alexander arose,

Completely obliterating all of his foes,

After his death Rome grew and grew,

With Julius Caesar and his awesome nephew,

In our very last lesson Rome finally fell,

To the dummy Attila who wished it farewell,

I really hope next year I will learn it this way,

While learning some excellent new things to say,

I’ll be learning astronomy so I’m glad,

Otherwise I might be sad,

All in all I liked school this year,

I hope this summer’s skies are very clear!

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