Most people say that Rome was the greatest empire of all time. This may or may not be true. Today I am going to tell you about its annihilating obliteration.

     The first of Rome's two destructions happened when it lost to the Gallic Tribes, who were, shockingly, uncivilized barbarians.  While this was happening, the Romans had other bizarre issues.  One of the most highly destructive of these was their despicable economy.

     The first Gallic invasion of Rome was in 390 B.C.  The Romans were caught off-guard. At this period of time in Rome, all the armies only fought when they were ready to go on a campaign.  Because they were unprepared, they basically did not have a chance.

     At one point they were able to get their military force together.  Then it was a fair fight.  But at the battle of Allia in July 18, 390 B.C., they were vanquished.  The Gauls' military force was way bigger than the Romans', and since the Romans' economy was so crappy, they could not buy more.
     When the Gauls conquered Rome, they just stole 100 to 1000 pounds of gold and left.  The Gauls, however, became an epic terror in Rome.  Later on, Julius Caesar would conquer Gaul but not all of it....

     Much later on, when Julius Caesar was by now a legend, the great country of Rome had:  dishonest generals, a despicable economy, over taxation making people sad and poor, shrinking population because of starvation, and many more bad problems.  To fix these problems, the Roman government (now just an emperor) decided to split the empire in half in order to allow two emperors to exist so Rome would be easier to manage.  (The west was the only real Rome since it contained the main land).

     But the real Rome was still doing poorly at managing.  Then an alliance of the barbaric tribes attacked Rome and eventually defeated it.   The alliance was made of the Huns, Franks, Vandals, Saxons, Visigoths, and remaining Gallic tribes.

     The other half of Rome was not attacked and did great.  They changed their name to Byzantine.  They lasted for the next millennia! After Rome was conquered the dark ages began.

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