The Road We've Traveled

     Recently the Obamanation spent more money in a 17 minute video than you could spend in your life time! My teacher made me sit through the whole thing and I don’t know what the heck is wrong with this guy but I can tell you one thing he is seriously messed-up.

     Ok, first of all, he has special features to help persuade people to love his vote for me propaganda. In the beginning he has dramatic music playing and a slow motion effect going on while he’s coming up to speak. To make people think that whatever he’s doing is super important sometimes they will change the graphics to black and white. Throughout the video they make references to family in an effort to fool you that this dangerous creature is a family-man! They only show stuff against him one time. And they constantly exaggerate.

     They also lied about many things. One of these things is the economy. They said that the Obamanation improved the economy. Obviously nobody agrees with that since at 713 days in office he had a lower approval rating in the economy than Jimmy Carter. Another is the debt. Davis Guggenheim (the director of this film) said the Obamanation fixed the debt. He made it worse. If you don't believe me go to the U.S debt clock. They said it was the next great depression and Mr. Barrack Obama was faced with the worst trials since Theodore Roosevelt. They said he helped schools. Well let me tell you I am now homeschooled and part of WordStar Academy. But let me tell you in public school there is not 1 thing I learned (aside from when I was in kindergarten and 1st grade and had good teachers and a good school system!). They said the death of Osama Bin Laden was Obama’s fault. He said fine after pondering it for a few hours! They also made it seem like it was such a big deal. YOU KILL THE MASS-MURDURING SUPER-VILLAN YOU PHSYCO-PATH!!!!! Seriously though my five-year old brother is smarter than this guy!

     There are a lot more lies than this but I have to stop now. Oh and there’s one truth in this video. He’s the president.

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