Alexander the Great

     Alexander the great was the greatest military leader of all time! He was both a genius and an idiotic mass-murdering mad-man. He lived to be 33 years old. One of the most astonishing facts about him is that he never lost a battle in 11 years!
     Even when Alexander was an adolescent he idolized Achilles and Hercules. He was educated by the famed Greek philosopher Aristotle. When his father inexplicably died Alexander became king. Some people believe Alexander killed him. Throughout his life he at all times tried to be better than his father in everything.
     One of his quotes that show he’s a power-hungry maniac was when he said "in the universe there is an uncountable amount of worlds and I haven't conquered even one". His first major accomplishment was in 334 b.c when he vanquished the Persians with 40,000 soldiers in the battles of Gracious and Isis. After the war he cared for the solders and let the families of the murdered ones be free from all taxes.

    Next he occupied Tyre. The Egyptian people were so relieved that the Persians were defeated that they proclaimed that he was the child of the Egyptian god Ammon and the pharaoh. After that he moved on to Atria and Sodugana (now Afghanistan and central Asia) according to triumph over these territories was given a challenge by king gordias to untie an extraordinarily tremendously difficult knot. Alexander cut the knot without hesitation and thus the phrase to cut the Gordian knot was born.

      Despite his intelligent mind this guy had some serious issues. When his foster-brother who saved his life said Alexander’s solders were with him all the way, Alexander the stupid grabbed a guard’s spear and killed him in cold blood!

     He founded over twenty fortified cities to toughen up his terrain. The most famous of these territories is Alexandria in Egypt. Alexander wanted to outdo Hercules by conquering Arabia, northern Africa, and the rest of the world! Fortunately for the rest of the world he mysteriously died in 323 b.c before that could come to pass. Nevertheless he created a titanic empire stretching from India to Istria or in today’s map from the Balkans to Lower Egypt.

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