Creatures in Merlin

     My mom asked me to write a report on a part of a TV show called Merlin.  I am completely sick of this show since my brother constantly watches it or plays on its website all day!  Anyway I chose the creatures to write about.
    Medieval creatures are in almost every episode in Merlin.  Some of these monsters are: pixies, fairies, trolls, manticores, dragons, many different types of serpents, and my favorite, the goblin.  All of these creatures except the dragon and the goblin are evil, angry, noxious, physically powerful, and toxic in their own way.  The goblin is just an avaricious, uproarious, form-stealing, mischievous little brat. Although when first released the dragon is detrimental, he is usually intelligent, compassionate, quick-witted, helpful, and a faithful companion.

     These creatures are a huge part of Merlin.  They are the main characters in over half the episodes and are involved in pretty much all of them.  If you ever watch this show look out for the monsters' creepy or silly faces!

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