The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a book about a coward, soon to be an out of control mad man in the Civil War.  Henry Fleming is bored and wants a fight. But when that fight finally happens things aren’t looking so good so he runs away.  Later he wants to figure out what happened.  Then a cowardly but psycho soldier fatally wounds him by smashing his gun on Henry’s head.  After that everything makes him want to kill someone and in the next battle he goes crazy and fires his gun for way too long of a time span while pointlessly glaring and yelling.  Heck, after every one was killed he was still pointlessly firing and yelling at the top of his lungs.  For some reason while reading these parts of the book a tune popped up inside of my head that went, "Burn Baby Burn Baby Burn Baby Burn" with the background music of Kiss’s "I want to rock’n roll all night".

Though the first part of the book seemed pretty bad, later on it got great.  I know it sounds dumb for the thing I remember most about this book to be something that never happened in this book.  But the thing I remember most about this book is my mind playing the tune "burn baby burn".

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