How to blog a good blog

Since there are a lot of blogs I visit on the blogging challenge and a lot of them are new, I'm going to explain how to have a good and succsesful blog.

Oh by the way the blogging challenge is really nice.  It really helps you get started!

There are a lot of things that make your blog better but to me one of the most important things is to be yourself.  I will now add a short poem I wrote.

To have a good blog express yourself
show your opinion just yourself’s
Who cares what people may say to you
you are a human and super too
be yourself who you truly are
then people will know you and happy you are.

A lot of kids have said online that their favorite thing in the world is math.  If you like math that's fine. But if you hate math don't say you like it.
 So I guess it’s up to you. Do you want to have less comments or be known worldwide as some one who loves math?

Another thing that makes a good blog is having really fun games on your blog. If your blog is an educational one like mine put some educational games on it like I did on mine. The way I did it was I made a game tab. Another way to do it is to occasionally post about a game you found.

I hope I had good advice!

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