Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an odd and inexplicable book.  It starts out when a lawyer by the name of Mr. Utterson takes a walk with his cousin Mr. Enfield. During the walk Mr. Enfield tells Mr.Utterson something he saw the other day. He told him how he saw a man, short and stubby, who for no reason trampled a little girl by walking on top of her on the way to his house. He said he then called for help and when he did so he saw the man’s horrifying and superiorly malevolent face. When the townspeople arrived they threw a huge fit. To calm them down the man went into a mystifying door but when he came back he was Dr. Jeykll with one hundred pounds. 
 He then told him that the evil man’s name was Edward Hyde. 

That night out of curiosity Mr.Utterson, being his lawyer, decided to view Dr. Jekyll's will. He was horrified to find out that in his will it said he would give everything he had to Mr. Edward Hyde.  Afterwards there is an exciting chain of events. But I cannot reveal anymore for if I did it would ruin the book.

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