Educational games

     Recently I have found a couple of educational games. So today I am going to write about them. The first game I want to write about is called Achilles. As you might have guessed this is based on Homer's books The Iliad and The Odyssey. This game completely follows the poems. In it you are Achilles and you are fighting the Trojans. The arrow keys move and T or Y attack. Usually you are fighting ordinary Trojans. But every three levels you fight one of the strongest Trojans in Troy.
     The next game is called Swords &Sandals. It is a gladiator game. There are three of these games. So what you should do is skip the first. Then play the tutorial of the second. Finally play the funnest one, the third. Also they say it's not the full version but it's still funner then the funnest. It is also important to know that a few things in this game didn't happen in history.  For instance, the gladiators were not creatures and they did not have guns or magic. I hope you enjoy these games. HAVE FUN!!!
P.S the Achilles game has some blood.

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