An awesome yard

Greetings. Recently I've been playing in my yard with friends... So today I'm going to talk about my yard and the playable areas around it. To start out I'll talk about my front yard.

The front yard looks practically empty when you first see it. But the front yard leads to some fun places. When you walk down the stairs you will come to a flat platform with paths all around you. If you take the left path you will find an outdoor metal hut called a gazebo. Normally it is a very fun place to be. But right now it is colonized by black widows (poisonous and deadly spiders). When it gets sunnier I'm gonna bring out the hose and kill all those wretched arachnids.

 If you keep going you'll be in a place that looks like a shrinked rain forest. Let's go back to the big flat step. If you take the right path you'll find that it is extremely adventurous but also very fun. When you've passed the path you will see two swings bolted into an oak tree. These swings may not look like it, but they are actually the most wild swings I've ever been on. When you're done, slide down a hill that's next to the swings. When you're done you'll be at the end of our ginormous drive way. Start to make you're way up and you'll find a trampoline. You could jump on it or you could fight on it!!! As it mentions in my profile I love to fight.

When you're done you'll probably go down the green stool. But if you jump off the back (which doesn't hurt once you get used to it) you'll come across a gigantic bush that is so fun to go in. Afterwords when you come up the drive way you'll look down and see a huge netted cage called a batting cage. Although it belongs to some of our neighbors they let us play in it any time we want.

When you go up the driveway you'll find you'll come a cross a big hill. If you climb all the way up you'll be at our other neighbor's house. Go behind the house, slide down the other end of the hill and you're in the wild with hundreds of places to explore. One day when I was exploring there I saw a coyote chasing a rabbit. Full of excitement I dashed back, grabbed my metal bat, and started hunting. Unfortunately they were already gone. When you come back to our yard go northwest or southeast and find either my garden, my mom's, or my brothers' (Jakob and David).

Last but not least when you go to the back or front door hot and sweaty you'll see a fence. If you go in you'll find our nice cold lap pool and our nice warm (cold when not heated) spa. Go inside and get your swimming suit. Then finish your journey with a nice cool swim. I LOVE OUR YARD!!!

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