Beowulf Hero of the Dark Ages

Here are some fun ways to learn about Beowolf.

Start out by watching theese videos!

You can play an online game here.


A map is here : http://www.abdn.ac.uk/english/beowulf/images/voymap.gif

Beowulf had the type of brain I'd imagine a caveman had!  Beowulf is a very important chapter in history because it shows why they were called the dark ages….  People back then were stupid!  There wasn’t a decent idea for a century or two!   Beowulf wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you need that shed smashed there’s no better man for the job.  This hulk of a human was the strongest man that ever lived, (we technically don’t know if he lived).

The villains are a traditional big green monster that eats people, his mommy, and a dragon.
I’ll go over the part with Grendel’s mommy. After Beowulf killed Grendel his mom wasn’t so happy about it so she, a sea hag, killed the king of Denmark's best friend. Then Beowulf began his hunt for the hag.  On his way he killed a sea serpent then he swam to the monster's lair and had an epic duel with her, which of course he won. He then took Grendel’s head and went back home!

That is the story of Beowulf and the Sea-Hag.

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