Is Rome the greatest?

     This year in history we have moved on from ancient to medieval times.  But since history got pummeled into medieval times, the idiotic psychopaths finally got what was coming to them.  Whenever I learn about history in school it is referred to as the greatest civilization in the history of the world.... And that is why the lessons are stupid, because to understand Rome you need to look beyond the fancy shmancy sidewalk and onto the dunderhead in the throne.  We talk about other civilizations as barbarians and vampiric idiots as the civilized. And by vampiric I mean that these people liked to drink a warm cup of human blood even as medication. HUMAN BLOOD!!!

     Ah, these Romans were civilized enough to know how to brush their teeth... WITH MOUSE BRAINS!!!  Tell me that isn’t gross.  With the strongest organized military in the land they didn’t stand a chance against a few tribes in 390 B.C. who sacked Rome and left. Nevertheless they paid the price literally; they left with 100 to 1000 pounds of gold.  Though Julius Caesar was a pretty good commander he cried because he had nothing close to the insane military mind of Alexander the great.  And died because he was too much of a dunderhead to realize that Cleopatra was an idiot.

    Do you still think Rome was a great civilized empire?  Please comment.


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