Just so you know I read this book during summer vacation.

Powerless by Mathew Cody is a book about a kid named Daniel who moves to a strange town to be near his grandmother.  Almost as soon as he moves in strange things start happening.  And though most kids can’t figure out what’s going on Daniel has the mind of a detective and very soon discovers that a lot of the other kids have super powers.  This was supposed to be a secret so Daniel did not tell anyone.  He soon made friends with the other kids and played with them in their hide-out after school.  Things get interesting when Daniel learns that when a kid with superpowers turns thirteen he loses his powers and his memory.  Some of the super kids think it’s just a coincidence but others think differently. And when Daniel decides to spy on someone with superpowers when he turns thirteen he discovers that someone is doing it.  Later on in the book there are some pretty cool fights. I cannot reveal anymore because this book is partially a mystery. The thing I will remember most about this book is a shadowy figure with the power of darkness.

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