My Favorite Animal

I have been assigned to write a post about my favorite animal.

My favorite animal is a wolverine.

Although wolverines are giant weasels they are also the most powerful mammal in the world. Wolverines are also the size of snoopy. They can defend against : wolf packs, cougars, and grizzly bears. In summer it eats both healthier foods like : berries, roots, and all kinds of plants. And animals like : rodents, rabbits, deer, caribou, and elk. One thing that’s different about wolverines is that unlike other mammals only the females and kids hibernate. The males go around and kill other animals while they are hibernating for food. Personally I think this is a great strategy. It’s fur can resist water which keeps the wolverine immune to the cold. People have tracked wolverines 60-80 kilometers in cold mountains that’s a long distance. Strangely the wolverine is extremely good at climbing trees and swimming.  Wolverines mark their territory and their catches with a special smell they launch out of their body. Wolverine babies will grow up with their mom’s until they grow up to be two years old (an adult age for a wolverine).

What’s not to like?

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