Space Travel

Good morning. Today I am going to talk about space travel. To start out I'll talk about past missions.  It all started out in 1961.  At that time John F. Kennedy was president of the United States. That year in May he announced that the U.S would send a human to the moon. It took eight years to build the shuttle. The commander was an American named Neil Armstrong. When he landed on the moon he said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
     Astronauts go to space a lot because if they didn't there wouldn't be blogging, the Internet, or GPS.  What they do is they drop a satellite in space and any time you write a post, make a blog, or get an online map the satellite sends the signals all around the world.
     Some people thing it is fun going in space. But it is actually terrible. You see when you first enter zero gravity, your body gets in a big shock and you usually barf.   I hoped you learned something, bye.

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