The Aztecs

Who were the Aztecs?

The Aztecs were an ancient American civilization that was located in modern day Mexico.

In its height of power there capitol city was among one of the greatest in the world at that time, and would have been a wonder of the world if it wasn’t burnt to the ground. To get a basic outline of the Aztecs you can watch this video.

So as you can tell from watching that video the Aztecs were quite obviously insane but believe it or not they were even wackier than you might have thought. Take for example their food, you can learn about the repulsively nauseating food they ate by watching this episode of horrible histories Historical Masterchef.

Pretty sickening huh? Another awkward thing about the Aztecs is that they used chocolate for currency. At the time of the Aztec Empire most of the world never even knew what chocolate was since the Americas are one of the only places you can grow chocolate, and the Americas had not yet been discovered. But the Aztecs had plenty of chocolate, and everyone loved chocolate. So they used it for currency.  As a matter of fact Montezuma drank fifty goblets of chocolate a day.


 The Aztecs fell to the Spaniards pretty easily. Why that is? Watch this video to find out.
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