Educational games and the good effect that they have

For many of us educational subjects such as history, physics, and spelling are boring. This is because when we think of education we think of horrible lectures and tests. If we thought of usefull skills and exciting action packed war scenes we would love them.

To try to change someone's opinion on that with another lecture is ridiculous. Instead direct them to useful video games. Yes, thats right, video games. You see, many video games are educational. Many of these games you might have heard of. "Angry Birds" uses physics and so does "Crush the Castle" and many others. Many games related to war are their own history lessons.  Spelling games are harder to find but for the best one ever try "Bookworm Adventures".

Athough many of these games you have to pay for, there are hundreds that are free online! For some educational games check out my video game tab. For the best physics games ever to be created go to http://www.physicsgames.net/. And for some other ones check the links below.

Art of war 2



And for the best game ever


Enjoy and tell me if your opinion on history or physics changes.

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