My favorite food

Today I am going to talk about my favorite foods. My two favorite foods are Euros and Sashimi. Now you have probably never heard of them but they are the most delicious, delectable, mouth-watering, luscious food I’ve ever tasted (besides desert). Well sashimi is Japanese for raw fish, though that sounds nauseating something about it has a almost magical taste about it. Though there are a lot of kinds of sashimi my favorite kind that I’ve tried is Toru. Toru is also called yellow fin. Toru is pink and is very good with Ponzu sauce. My other favorite food is different but extremely delicious. Gyros look like burritos but are 1000 times better. Gyros are Mediterranean food. My favorite kind of gyro is beef but I also like chicken. I think the thing that makes a gyro so mouth-watering is the secret sauce. Hope you get the chance to try them.

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