I'M BACK TO BLOGGING!!!.....My first post this year is titled, E.S.R.B....THE DUMBEST COMPANY EVER CREATED!!!!!!!!

Have you ever had trouble with your parents about not being able to play a video because of it's rating...Well if you have, show your parents this post.

The rating of a video game is published by a company called E.S.R.B. Though there are other rating systems that do a much better job, the government had to choose the worst company of all.  E.S.R.B has rated multiple things the wrong thing. 

 For instance, Tom and Jerry - War of the Whiskers is rated T.  Medal of Honor European assault (an educational history game where you can play through the lessons) is rated T and so is Medal of Honor Frontline.
Though the medal of honor games may look harsh they have less stuff than an ordinary lego game.  One finale example is that most super hero games are rated T. 

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