Egyptian Mythology Charachters (deitys) #1

I'm back  from vacation and back on blogging.

I love Mythology so today I'm talking about Egyptian Deity's.

  1. Ra
Ra is the sun deity and creator of the Deity's
When ever he cries each of his tears turns into a knew deity.
That is why Egyptian mythology never ends he cries allot.

2. Osiris

Lazy dude made king deity by Ra.
Osiris got what ever he wanted
and was hated by his brother. His brother Seth killed him while he was napping. Osiris then landed in the under world and called became king of the dead and replaced Anubis.



Seth is pronounced Set.
Seth is awesome if you don't believe me read this paragraph. Seth is the deity of : desert, storms, foreigners, darkness, and chaos. Though he is awesome he too was killed this time by Horus who cut Seth's eye out.

Horus was the sun of Osiris but was Ra's mini-me that means he was almost identical to Ra. The picture to the right shows how he destroyed seth.

to be continued.

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