The history of weapons

Weapons are always cool to watch in movies but we never really know what weapons came when. So I thought I'd tell you. One of the first weapons we know of in history is a polished stone axe which looked something like this.

Around fifty thousand years ago a caveman invented a weapon we now call a bow and arrow and became the greatest hunter in the world at that time. For many years after he died the bow and arrow was forgotten then finally in fifteen hundred b.c Asian solders used it in battle.
 Mean while in Assyria eight-hundred-and-fifty b.c a weapon called the battering ram is invented. Later in Macedonia three-hundred-and forty b.c the catapult is invented. In two-hundred and fifty b.c the Chinese invent the crossbow although many years past by before it was used in Europe. thousands of years later (thirteen-twenty-seven a.d) the first blueprint of a cannon is drawn. In the fourteen century pistols are invented. Only a few years later the musket was made by parts of the pistol. In France around sixteen-ten a.d an inventor invents the bayonet and makes lots of them for the army. In Prussia 1848 a gunsmith named Johann Nikolaus Von Dreyse invents a gun called the needle gun witch can load faster than most guns. In 1884 guns were still very slow so a British inventor named Hiram Maxim invents the machine gun. Things weren't going so well with boats at that time so a few years later the Germans invented the submarine which was at that time called a u-boat. Even though the machine gun was fully automatic it was way too heavy. So in 1911 Isaac Newton invented a lighter version of the machine gun. During world war two the Germans had many dams. This made it pretty hard for the British to fight. So in 1942 a British engineer named Barnes Wallis invented a bomb than bounced. In 1942 the Japanese kept on sending pilots that would commit suicide for there country. This was driving the U.S nuts. So a physicist named J. Robert Oppenheimer was sent on a project too build a nuclear weapon. His project was successful and was used to attack Tokyo. This covers most of the history of weapons. I hope you enjoyed it.

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