A comic strip character

Calvin is known for his bad grades. He has created many things only he knows how to use. His teacher is Miss Wormwood. He founded and lead the G.R.O.S.S (a club founded to get rid of slimy girls).

Calvin has friends, only they’re not normal people. For instance, he likes to bargain with aliens. His main friend is Hobbes, a living tiger. Hobbes does pounce on him but he also plays with him and helps with his dumb school assignments.

Calvin is a nemesis of many people. For example, there’s Rosalyn (his baby sitter).One of his worst enemies is Susie, his idiot class mate. The reason they created the G.R.O.S.S was to get rid of her. He also hates most of the kids in his class.

He has invented many things. For instance he and Hobbes invented the Transfigmofier (sorry if I spelled it wrong). The first version of the Transfigmofier is a cardboard box but when you go inside it you choose what you want to be. Press a button and zap!!! You’re transformed. He also created a Duplicator with an ethicator (a thing that gives you a choice if you want it to be good or bad). This machine also is a cardboard box. To duplicate you just choose if you want it to be good or bad and zap!!! You’ve got a duplicate.

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