I am enthralled by Phil Davison.

I do school in this vincinity.

I am almost imcomprehenseble

I hate it when somthing is mawkish

Our familly maxim is we have no maxim.

Many great ideas have been conceived at my desk.

Maggie is a behemoth.
I have an eclectic school.
It is fun fun to desecrate things.

Diapers are illicit in the fire nation.
Pistons are hypothetical but David really believes in them.
The brothers berated each other.

Jakob is languid.
It is magnanimous of Dr.Park to let the kids go to the beach.
The army General was too stunned by Hulk's pulchritude to attack.

I like to diffuse candy.
Obama's tactics are very dilatory.
The Fire Nation is impeccable.

Sly Cooper is furtive.
I am phlegmatic about team sports.
Jakob's consumption of 8 oranges made him barf.

Hulk does not have a wrath.
Mom is zealous.
It's fun to cajole people.

I am free of ennui.
Jakob is garrulous.
I wish life was more obsequious.

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